Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Composer, 

Podcaster, Music Producer

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Goh has worked on over 40 short films and animations, implementing a range of skill sets including sound design, Foley, sound mixing, sound editing and scoring. He has a passion for film so much so that he co-hosts a film review podcast, Movie Oubliette, with his highly esteemed UK associate and dear friend, Conrad Chambers.

Having studied music composition and audio engineering, he is widely versed in both sound and music. In addition to his film work he is a producer for musical artists with not only mixing and mastering but also arranging and instrumental adds.

Under the moniker, The Wistful Snail, he writes, records, produces and mixes music, collaborating with other artists. He is currently working on an EP with Traeidein coming out soon.

Also known as Tinderlocks on the media platform, HitRecord, he is a 'featured curator' leading projects and curating media. He has worked extensively with the platform creating sound design and music for such projects as HitRecord On TV, The Shorts Showcase, the Beyond Good and Evil 2 video game and most recently the Band Together 1-hour YouTube special in collaboration with Logic.

Additionally to his own podcast, Daniel has made numerous jingles for Not Nosy PodcastShipping Things web series and Well Made podcast.